The “STRIKERZ Shad” is ice blue in colour and slightly translucent. The paddle tail puts off a vibration through the water and the shad is packed full of UV for that extra glow.
This lure is ideal for a range of species and works exceptionally well in clear water.
The “STRIKERZ Shad” is 3″ (76mm) and there is 6 in each pack.

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STRIKERZ Shad, the perfect small baitfish imitation.
The STRIKERZ Shad is 3 inches long and perfectly suited for chasing any fish that would usually feed on small baitfish. It is ice blue in colour and UV reactive. The paddle tail on the Shad puts off a small vibration in the water which fish find irresistible.
Perfectly matched with any of our scents, but especially effective when coated with Psycho Shrimp which has a redish/pink UV reactive colour to imitate a bleeding fish.

We recommend using the lightest possible jighead for your conditions with a 1/0 hook.
Our preferred jighead for fishing these Shads is a TT jighead in 1/8 weight and 1/0 hook.

Made from durable plastisol, this lure will keep on performing for many casts and fish.

The STRIKERZ range of soft plastic lures are all made by hand, here in Australia. We have teamed up with Low Tide Lures to bring you our own range of top quality lures.

Packed with UV and extremely tough, these lures will not disappoint

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Weight100 g
Dimensions100 × 100 × 40 cm