Psycho Shrimp


“Psycho Shrimp” – A subtle smell that really packs a punch on all types of lures, this scent is especially good on worm, yabby and prawn profile lures as well as hard bodies. Packed with UV, this scent will soon become a staple in your tackle box.

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“Psycho Shrimp” – A subtle smell and loaded with UV this one really packs a punch on all types of lures.

We recommend using Psycho Shrimp on all types of baitfish, minnow and shad style plastics. The pink/red colour is UV reactive and makes your lure look like a bleeding baitfish. This scent is also very effective on all hard body style lures, including sugapen and other surface lures when chasing whiting, bream and flathead on surface.

Our unique ingredients and emulsion process ensures that our scents will stay on your lures for longer than most and will keep performing cast after cast. For best results, keep your scents nice and cool to get the most amount of time from each application.

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Weight20 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm

15g Jar, 30ml Squeeze Tube